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Contact lenses are an especially succesfull replacement to eyeglasses for many years. They make it easier to those using them on a daily basis.

Studies show that young people (and not only) who felt their looks was hurt due to wearing eyeglasses, enjoyed a higher self-confidence after moving to contact lenses.

A variety of activities (especially sport ones) may be clumsy while wearing eyeglasses, and contact lenses solve this problem as well. Such activities became easier to those switched to contact lenses, and yet - they can still wear a suitable sunglasses without fitting optical lenses.

Due to these advantages, we would expect people to leave behind their eyeglasses and move to contact lenses, but it seems that some of them have concerns from contact lenses. In most cases these concerns are unfounded.

Usually, the concern from contact lenses is the fear to instill a foreign object into the eye, which is one of our most sensitive and vulnerable organs. Additional myths are added to this fear, regarding the "disappearance" of the lenses whithin the eye and inability to remove them. In fact, these concerns have no basis, and the lenses can be removed frim the eye at any time and easily. There are also stories about aches caused because of lenses. Nowadays, these aches are prevented by adjusting the convexity of the lenses to the eyes.

There is also a fear from diseases and contaminants caused by unclean lenses. These are lenses designed for reuse like bi-weekly or monthly contact lenses etc.

These are lenses designed to be stored at the end of the day to the night and until the next day for reuse.

Although the use of unclean lenses can cause a few different medical conditions, it's important to emphasize that this is the simplest problem, since maintaining the lens hygiene easily prevents any infection. It's important to emphasize - maintaining the lens hygiene is a short action, simple and daily that does not require especially long time or effort.   

Alternatively, it's possible to choose daily contact lenses, which constitute the most comfortable solution since they don't require any maintenance and save the need for storage for reuse and cleaning (since they are tossed after the use at the end of the day). The only disadvantage of these lenses might be a bit higher price than reusable contact lenses (bi-weekly, monthly lenses, etc.).

Contact lenses are, therefore, are a convenient and useful product, that has nothing to fear from, and constitute a perfect solution to those who suffer from wearing eyeglasses because of one reason or another.  

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