Ray-ban SunGlasses in Eilat

Ray-Ban has a wide collection of sunglasses in different prices. A trip to Eilat can be a perfect chance to purchase Ray-Ban glasses from a wide range of models, in the highest quality and tax-free.


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Ray-Ban glasses accompany us for almost one hundred years. Throughout the years, they were ware by pilots, celebrities on the red carpet, and hundreds of millions of people, for functioning and fashion at the same time. Ray-Ban is known for it's sunglasses collection. Ray-Ban's sunglasses are of the world's most popular and are known since the 50's for the motorhome model which were popular at the time and is knows today for the famous Wayfarer and Aviator models.  Ray-Ban's sunglasses are considered as some of the best and most classic in the world, and in Optistore Eilat you can find them in big collection and tax-free
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