Oakley Sports Glasses in Eilat

Optistor-Eilat is the largest and most professional sports glasses center in Eilat. At the branch in the center of the boardwalk there is a huge selection of sport glasses from all brands - Oakley, Rudy, Bolle, Cebe, Arnette and others.

All models are priced at the most attractive prices in Israel - and of course - it's tax-free.


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Sport Glasses in Eilat - What Makes Sunglasses Sport Glasses?

Almost every model of sunglasses is designed and fit for exterior use - but not all sunglasses are suitable for sport use.

The main characteristics required for proper sport glasses are suitable and quality frames, lenses, design and human engineering.

How to choose sports glasses?

Usually, the more we are familiar with sports, the more we invest  in professional sports equipment suitable to us personally. Today we do not wear our first sneakers or ride our first bicycle, since we came to professionality and knowledge in this field. This is also true for our sunglasses.

What are the characteristics we will require from sports glasses?

In brief: (For details, go to the article: What should you demand from your sports glasses)

  • Frames made of highly flexible and durable materials, hypoallergenic materials in their points of contact with the skin.
  • Lenses of High-quality, that are adapted to long-term outdoor activities. High UVA + UVB filtration.
  • Design (usually convex) that will fit the maximum eye cover also on the sides of the face.
  • Human engineering suitable for optimal face hold ("grasp") even under intense movement and head shaking.

And of course - we also expect this celebration to be fashionable and impressive even in everyday life.

Optistore - Eilat: Sport glasses from all brands, tax-free

At the Opticort Eilat branch there is a huge selection of sports models from all brands: Oakley, Arnette, Serengeti, Bolle, Cebe, Rudy, Mormaii and others.

Interested in a specific model and want to make sure it is in stock before you arrive?

You can check with us here.

Is it possible to get lenses with a number (optical lenses) in sports glasses?

Optical sport sunglasses:

Anyone who wears "regular" glasses knows this problem. You're looking for sporty sunglasses, but you also need lenses with a number. To date, it involved considerable financial expense. No more.
Today, the world of optics offers a variety of solutions at different price ranges for optical solar lenses.

In short, there are four types of optical sun lenses:
 (For details, see artical: Optical sunglasses - all solutions and prices)

1. Flat sun lenses - are lenses suitable for relatively small and flat frames. usually. These lenses will not fit into very large or convex frames.
In the various optics stores, the average cost will be from 250-300 NIS for a pair of lenses. (our price)

2. Sun-convex lenses - are lenses with a built-in curve, designed specifically for convex frames.
In the various optics stores, the average cost will be from 500-600 NIS dor a pair of lenses. (our price)

3. Smart/dnt convex lenses - are "smart" lenses made specifically for the frame we chose. The computer scans the frame and the curve is calculated and transferred accurately to the lenses. The result is a thin, aesthetic lens also in high numbers that fit optimally with the curves of the athletic frames.
In the various optics stores, the average cost will be from: 1200-1500 NIS for a pair of lenses. (our price)

4. Original optical lenses -
Three manufacturers offer their original sun lenses - with a numberl: OAKLEY, BOLLE, CEBE.
The prescription is sent to a factory in France (RX lenses of BOLLE, CEBE) or to the United States (OAKLEY) and finally the glasses are sent back to Israel with original optical lenses - according to the customer's prescription.
The advantage is clear: even if the previous three types of lenses we get quality lenses - here lenses also excel in the quality of the original manufacturer of glasses chosen.
If the reason we chose a model of a particular manufacturer is only the quality of its famous lenses - in this option we enjoy the original materials and coatings with everything that comes with it.

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