Ray-ban Sports Glasses in Eilat

In Optistore you can find a wide range of sport's glasses in Eilat. In the site there's a large collection of quality sportglasses, in low prices and tax-free.


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Ray-Ban sport glasses in Eilat Optistore - Eilat offers a wide range of Ray-Ban sport glasses, tax-free. Almost every model of sunglasses is designed and fit for exterior use - but not all sunglasses are suitable for sport use. The more people know about sports, the more individual their needs in sport glasses is, and Ray-Ban provides a large collection of glasses just for that. At the Opticorre Eilat branch there is a huge selection of sports models of Ray-Ban. These glasses has suitable and quality frames, lenses, design and human engineering. The frames made of highly flexible and durable materials, hypoallergenic materials in their points of contact with the skin. The lenses are of high-quality, and are adapted to long-term outdoor activities. The design (usually convex) fits the maximum eye cover also on the sides of the face. The human engineering is suitable for optimal face hold ("grasp") even under intesne movement and head shaking. All of the above is, of course, also fashionable and impressive in every day use.
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